We help to UnFOLD your potential through a proven process

We are a collaborative design studio focused of making an impact in the world and generating breakthrough results for our clients, communities and the projects we lead.
We approach design from the power of effective listening, driving us to a deeper understanding at the heart of the problems we solve and the opportunities we create.

Concept Development

The driving kernel of all great projects is a stellar concept. Powerful Concept Develop is at the heart of the UnFOLD method and what we specialize in. Trust our proven method, from it will come the next transformative breakthrough you are looking for.

Story Telling

Stories have existed since long before recorded history, but the desire to hear stories hasn't changed. The human mind is a story processor, not a logic processor Today, the art of storytelling is the way to reach each other in a ultra-connected, interruptive world.


We work with you to frame the problem or opportunity space to ensure we are solving the right challenge and giving birth to possibilities that will inspire your work and move you towards goals. We are flexible and adaptive to fit your needs and context. We run projects with small, focused teams that integrate with clients and their customers throughout the design process, often co-creating with them in our studios in Connecticut, New York and San Francisco.


No project or team exists in a vacuum—neither do we consider design in isolation either. We consider the varying touch-points and experiences from all angles and then build upon the overall customer experience to drive effectiveness into the project.

We use a combination intuitive and measurement to provide design insights that help guide decision making.


No matter what the ask, our dedication to the highest quality of craft remains constant, in both our thinking and the final work. We are dedicated to the details of design, delivering both beautiful form and function.

“We are narrative beings. Our humanness is built on the ability to understand ourselves in the context of a story, so we’re basically hardwired for stories. In the age of YouTube, though, we have many more signals competing for our attention. We have the tyranny of the small screen, attention spans are shrunken. You have to change how you tell a story, because at the end of the day, stories only work if you are immersed in them.“

Brain Games host Jason Silva