We believe that everyone has to win in UnFOLD.

Every year UnFOLD and our partners consider carefully which projects to take on offering our services to individuals and organizations who share our common values. We are investing together to grow deserving projects and build towards a meaningful future.


UnFOLD creative agency is a small but dynamic collaborative network of freelancers and companies working on, projects and organisations that offers you a meaningful internship where you can make a real difference. Through the internship you will have the opportunity to build a unique international network with pioneering companies, help build sustainable communities and impact the world with global humanitarian efforts. We operate Locally but most activities and the primary workspace will be in the Bridgeport area and the University of Bridgeport.


We are looking for a structured, ‘hands-on’ profile who can help carry out communication, daily posting and editing of social media. Someone who is smart, independent has a strong work ethic, collaborative spirit and great communication skills. As we work with Social & Environmental Sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and Circular Economy is essential that you have a personal interest and basic understanding about these fields.


  • Are a good and structured organizer, who can work independently and get things done
  • Are a strong communicator with a fluent command of English.
  • Are a problem-solver with a positive approach to things
  • Have experience using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and have an active LinkedIn profile
  • Are familiar with Excel and Google Docs/sheets


What we offer as an agency are the tools and skills required to expand one's expertise into a full-fledged online business, by giving you access to a team of videographers, graphic designers, film-makers, writers, editors, web-developers, and photographers.


Don Sardella has been coaching, consulting and facilitating for clients since 1987. The majority of his recent 20+ years has been primarily working in the financial services industry, incorporating his broader, entrepreneurial development resources along with it.

His professional skills focus on effective leadership, team and business development, utilizing modern coaching skills to help advisory clients produce their desired results. 


Since 2009 PandaSites helped businesses and professionals in many industries achieve success online. As a professional web-development and design firm they are innovative and approach each project with a broad vision focused on online marketing.

PandaSites cultivates long-term business relationships working with UnFOLD and our clients to remain relevant in the ever evolving online landscape.    


Next Borough Productions' (NBP)principal, Rachel Lee-Carey, and her team are experts in Social Media, Fundraising, Event Management & Promotion.

Partnering with NBP allows UnFOLD clients to step into the world and share their message through live events.

NBP is also an UnFOLD partner for Hospitality Consulting.